sábado, 22 de octubre de 2011



I feel my God Flame touch my brow,
The Breath of Love - Eternal now.
I raise my eyes and lo! I see, 
My own Great God Self over me.

A dazzling cloud envelops all,
I hear my own God Presence call!
I feel a surge of love's Great Migth,
I enter deep Its Breath - Its Light.

I see within this Pulsing Flame,
I listen, and hear my Secret Name.
I feel the glow - the Great Flame Breath,
"I AM" the Victor over death!

I stand forth Free- Ascended now!
To my Heart's Ligth, all things do bow;
"I Am" a Being of Cause alone,
And that Cause, Love The Sacred Tone!

I pour out Life - I lift, I raise,
My heart o'erflows and sings Its praise;
My Power strengthens and inspires,
My Great Light Rays are God's Own Fires.

"I AM" a Sun! My Love Its Light!
All else grows dim - Earth lost to sight;
I know that "I AM" GOD - The One!
The Source! the Great, Great Central Sun.


En: Unveiled Mysteries
Por: Godfre Ray King

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